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I am an American / Finnish / European writer and academic. My main area of teaching and research is linguistics, the scientific study of language.


My current academic post is at the University of Helsinki, where I hold the position of University Lecturer (Associate Professor) in the Department of Languages. In May 2019 I was awarded the Title of Docent. You can see more about my home department here, and my University of Helsinki research site is here.

I have two main research areas: language contact and language attitudes. You can see more about my research here.

I am the sociolinguistics and pragmatics editor for the academic journal Ampersand. Please contact me if you have questions about submitting.



US Standardized English (native)

Finnish (good enough to become a citizen)

Swedish (good enough to make my family cringe and to talk to small children and animals)

French (reading is fine, production is much more complicated)

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